Turning Archive 2005

steady rest for Delta Midi lathe

Mike Recchione
>I've been looking for a steady rest that would fit my Delta Midi lathe, mostly without success. There was one company in Arizona that made them and sold them through an eBay store, but the store's been closed and who knows what happened to the company. In any case, I've pretty much decided to make one based on the Dominic Greco model in the archives (scaled down).

The problem is the wheels. I'm choking on the notion of having to buy an eight pack of wheels and bearings for $30 to $50 when I only need three. I know, I know - a decent commercial spindle steady like the Oneway is over $100 (and doesn't fit my lathe), so I shouldn't worry about spending half that much to make one. But the idea of throwing away 5 perfectly new wheels and bearings bothers me. Garage sale season is ending around here, and I can't wait until spring, so I may wind up having to buy new.

Can anyone suggest an alternative? Or is there anyone who is planning to build a steady rest themselves and might be interested in sharing an eight pack?

- Mike

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