Turning Archive 2005

high speed carving tool

Don Evans
>I have two high speed carving tools, the dentist type hand piece and the Powercrafter. The dentist one needs a new turbine and it appears it is illegal for anyone to sell me one cause I'm not a dentist! I called the company that made the handpiece and that is what they told me though they didn't blame it on the government. Just said it was illegal to sell it to me.
Apparently our government in their great wisdom thinks this is a good way to keep non dentist from becoming dentist.
There is some quessing on that reason on my part.
Anyway, I remember long time ago someone in Canada was selling the dentist handpieces to woodturners and was wondering if anyone can give me info to contact him.
I looked on ebay and even they have some suspicious wording at the bottom of their ad's like" please don't bid if you are not legally qualified" or something to that effect.

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