Turning Archive 2005

OT: FEMA update/Biloxi

Mike Schwing from Biloxi
>I'm in Biloxi, staying in the remains of the "Imperial Palace" casino/hotel. The Biloxi area is totally devastated. I've never seen anything like it before, pictures on the news don't do it half justice. We've been lost a few times simply because the street signs have all been blown over, too. Home upon home is simply gone, piles of debris everywhere.

My duty is in Mobile at the moment, so I'm driving about an hour each way each day. I will be going door to door to do needs analysis/community relations kinds of stuff.

The hotel here has no lobby anymore, just sand and pilings, but the rooftop bar/pool is hopping with FEMA employees off the clock. Sat TV, games, a guy playing guitar and a full bar with tiki torches around the pool. A nice place to blow off steam after the long hours down here. I wish some of the evacuees could have access to this but FEMA has the entire hotel booked/taken over. I doubt it'd be declared safe for the general public, several walls are exposed/gone and the lobby doesn't exist anymore.

Looks like I may become an evacuee myself with Wilma!

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