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Powermatic 3520 packaging?

Craig Daymon
>OK, the 3520 is in the basement. Even in parts, that was an effort to get down there. I THINK the bed weighs more than the headstock, but it's close.

I had to get a truck and pick it up at a freight company. My question is this, why does Powermatic package an item that is essentially top heavy fully assembled? Sure, if I had a garage shop or separate shop dropping the lathe in place, wiring and going to work would be nice, but if I'm buying a beast like this is it really that big a deal to put the parts together? There really isn't that much assembly, even if the parts are heavy and somewhat awkward to handle. The box dimensions were 26" wide, 54"(+/-) long and 60" high. Does OneWay ship this way? (Though I think the OneWay center of gravity might be lower.)

(Yes, it fell over in the truck, less than 5 minutes out of the freight company. Seems OK, but I won't know for sure until I can get electric run to power it up.)

-Craig (fingers crossed)

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