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Steve Jenkins big crotches or Where is everyone?

Jay in Texas
>Heh Heh Heh... I payed a visit to Steve Jenkins and his lovely wife Marge at their new digs this weekend. I can report that its a lovely site to make a home on. Steve also has a very nice and spacious shop being built. Should be a real treat at next year's BBQ. Now on to the story...

If you recall, Steve put out a notice that along with the BBQ, anyone interested in coming out a little early on either Friday or Saturday could help themselves to some Osage Orange (on the hoof as it was) and/or some pecan (with a few large crotches). I wrote Steve a short note and said heck yeah, I'd be out early Saturday before the BBQ to get some. Let me say now, because I know you're coming to a conclusion at this very moment; my scheduler (LOML Amy) is out of town with the kids so I have no concept of time. So I drive out to Steve's and see that *hey, nobody's here?* So, I call Steve... he seems surprised to hear my voice. I tell him I'm out in front of the place... again he seems surprised and says they're out in back. So I hop out of the truck and walk around to say hi. I come around, and all I see is Steve. So I says,"Where's everybody?" Steve says, "Well, the BBQ is next week?." THEN it hits me... I'm a week early. But let's turn this into a positive situation. I'm here (before anyone else) with my saw and there's big crotches to be had! Yippee! So Steve shows me to the bodark tree he wants trimmed up. Steve's a nice guy, so we get to work trimming it up and there should be plenty 8" diameter and less chunks to pass around at the BBQ. I was a little skeptical about anything "large" coming my way... until Steve took me over to his neighbor Steve's house to show me the pecan tree that got blown over in a wind storm. This thing is at least three feet at the butt, with 6 large crotches. The largest was the main branch and the smallest "large" crotch would have yielded a set of 14" bowls/platter. The butt was rotten with no spalting, so I didn't work from that end. But I did buck up plenty of that pecan and ripped 8 crotch blanks and 2 regular blanks that are going to max out the Powermatic. Steve said he's going to bring some of the pecan and bodark to the picnic, and I left plenty to go a-round.

I was beat by that time, so I quickly stopped by Steve's to say thanks for telling me(us) about the wood and that I'd see him next week. Since it was only 1:30, I thought I'd acquaint myself with Mike Mastin and check out where I would have gone too had I not been so early. Besides, I needed some 10-12/4 stock for christmas (peppermills). Well, I stopped and talked...and bought some very nice figured Padauk for the mills. While there, I also met an older gentleman/woodworker/woodturner. Seeing as I had been very fortunate earlier in the day, I thought I'd spread it around and gave him a couple of the crotch blanks. Call it karma, but I felt kinda guilty for taking the choice pieces so I gave Hugh (the older gentlemen) a couple of my freshly cut prizes (yes, I sealed them on-site). There, no guilt anymore and the cosmos is once more in balance. So...I'll see y'all at the picnic next week.

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