Turning Archive 2005

Cherry bowl with a foot *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>Cherry, 7" diameter. I hardly ever do a foot on bowls anymore, but this design was by a friend who wanted me to make this as a gift for her to give. It has an ogee shaped foot (right?) and a bead above this. At least for me, this was very difficult to do, even though I used the DNA method, I let it "dry" extra long before finishing this. Yea I was trying to avoid doing it entirely. I had some trouble doing the bead so it is a bit oval in profile, and I think the entire bowl itself would look nicer if it was not as wide, slightly slimmer would be better. Of course by then, there was not enough wood left to go this route. It came out nice and light weight, which feels nice. My friend likes it so much she is keeping it. And this will lead to another replacement gift to sell to her. :)

I definitely need prictice on doing detail work on bowls. I am too used to having to sand out wobble issues, so when I put this on the smooth Mini, my tool control wasnt where I'd like it to be. Hopefully I will do more smaller works and develop more detailed cuts.

Critiques on form and any helpful hints are appreciated

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