Turning Archive 2005

Selling boxes

Ed Moore
>I have done a couple of small craft shows recently. To be honest, I have come away scratching my head a little - and this is not hygiene-related. My bewilderment is due to what has and has not sold. In the show yesterday I sold ornaments (both bulb and birdhouse style)and tea or confetti lights, which does not really surprise me.

I have some nice boxes and some small bowls which are 4 or 5 inches in diameter. The boxes were priced at $32 and the bowls from $24 to $32. Some of the boxes were ambrosia maple or walnut. The bowls were walnut, zebrawood and padauk. We got lots of nice comments on these items and I never even sensed a possible sale.

Have you had similar experiences with this type of item? I am near Smith Mountain Lake and some of the folks near here have the cash to spend, while others have limited resources.

Please share your thoughts on the puzzlement of the marketplace.


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