Turning Archive 2005

Sorby Hollowmaster

Carole in VA
>Someone posted a while back for help with the Hollowmaster. One person pointed out that his tip was mounted on the wrong side. I remember that I was having a heck of a time with that tool (I had assembled it according to the instructions) until one day I reground the tip and all of a sudden I could use it. Tonight I took the tip off to grind it, started to put it back on and couldn't remember which side it went on so I dug out the instructions which showed it on the left side looking down at the top of the tool. OK, that didn't look right, but I put it back on that way anyway since that's what the instructions said. Guess what? Back to the same old terrible dig in and grab problems I had had before! I switched the tip to the right side and voila! Cutting easy as pie! I figure I must have inadvertently put it on the right side when I reground the tip before and mistakenly thought the grinding was what was responsible for the it being much easier to use. Does anyone else use this tool with the tip mounted as the instructions indicate? If so, try switching it. Makes a big difference.

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