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bowl photography *PIC*

John Lucas
>I had few minutes to spare today inbetween assignments so I first shot this bowl in a photo booth with 1 light and a mirror to bounce light back into the front. Not a bad shot. The second shot was shot more like a professional would shoot it. This was done in a mad rush it's not my best photo but shows you what to look for in a good photo. Notice you can see the detail of the raised rim and the top of the rim seperates from the sides of the rim. One side of the piece is a little lighter than the other giving it more shape. A back light was added to add more drama to the background. This can be done other ways to eliminate or reduce the forward shadow but I was running out of time.

I wanted to show this to try and demonstrate the difference between having your work shot by a pro or doing it yourself. If you want to get into the better shows go with a pro. It gives you a little more advantage.

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bowl photography *PIC*
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