Turning Archive 2005

OT: FEMA update

Mike Schwing from FEMA
>I'm here in Atlanta expecting deployment orders today or tomorrow. Lots of folks heading to Biloxi and Beaumont - with sleeping bags. I've been inspected, and injected, but not rejected. Both arms are sore and one of the vaccinations is giving me a raging headache.

Sat through 2 days of training, got my FEMA gear (you should see me wearing all of my FEMA gear, I look like a disaster waiting to happen).

I don't know where I'll wind up from here but it doesn't sound like the Hilton.

Some folks have been sent to Kansas City, where there are loads of evacuees but no hurricane damage. I believe I'd rather go to a disaster area, but I'll go where sent.

Thats all for now.

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