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Alan Bierbaum, near Denver, CO
>I have meaning to post this for a long time. Now that the Katrina hustle and bustle has died down; I think that it is time. The following is my personal opinion. Everyone has a valid personal opinion (even if you do not agree with me).

WoodCentral needs your support in order to keep going and to expand the great offerings available here. No - I don't have access to the WoodCentral accounting, or Ellis's personal accounting. It cost a lot of money, and time, to keep WoodCentral going. I glean as much information from WoodCentral in a couple of days as I do from one magazine. Considering that a magazine subscription is close to $25 a year; that is what I was personally giving to WoodCentral. Due to my "semi"-retirement; I now have the time available and donate several hours per week to help out (did I mention that I really like the community here?).

Some paid ads help as does the very low key annual fund drive; however continued expansion and functions of WoodCentral depend on the "members" of the community to contribute. Contributions are easy; send a check, use PayPal (yearly or use the monthly plan), or simply put something up on the Benefits Auction Board (if paying money is a problem for you).

I am posting this to the main board, turning, and hand tools.

P.S. - I really need good Sightings pictures. Send them to Sightings@WoodCentral.com, or click on the Sightings link.

Alan near Denver, CO where the first ski area opens in 2 days.

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