Turning Archive 2005

Bad Experience

Sean Troy
>Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else has had a bad art fair experience. I was attending the Sedona Arts Festival last weekend and had a booth for my woodturnings. Everything was going very well on saturday and when I returned Sunday morning to open my booth, everything in the booth was soaked with water. Bowls were filled and finishes were ruined on hollow forms. I notified the directors of the festival right away and was told the lawn sprinkler in my booth came on during the night. Only in my booth did this happen. this festival is held on a football field so you know the amount of water these sprinkler heads can put out. The directors took responsability right away and gave me all the insurance info. The director even went as far as to get me a claim number. I thought that was great help. Monday morning I contacted the insurance company and was promptly told, TUFF, thats your problem. You signed away your rights when you signed up for the Festival. If you don't like it, sue us. In my book, this has been a bad experience. Please, if your going to participate in art fairs, festivals, shows etc... make sure you have your own coverage

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