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Secret santa

Ernie Miller
>I guess I forgot to post this here but you all are welcome to play don't be offended if we try and bring you to the flat side.

It is time to think about the Central Santa again this year last year there were about 30 or so of us that played this game where we drew names and sent a present to that person with a value of + or - $20. I think we can easily handle about 40 people or so. So if you want to play this is what you need to do.

1 send me your name address and weather you are a turner nander or normite.
2 wait for the name you draw to be e-mailed to you with the person’s address
3 purchase a present for that person with a value of $20
4 wait for you present to arrive
5 try and figure out who sent you that wonderful gift.

This is a secret Santa type of game so please don’t look at the address when your present arrives. On the return address all you need to put is you address and not you name. You can make a present instead of purchasing one. Value is all relative just a guideline you should get something nice but not extravagant. Once this is started it is all played via e-mail as to not tie up Woodcentral or to make people upset that did not respond in time to play. As in the past the e-mails make this game as much fun as the presents. We respond to all when we get a present and try to guess who sent it. Many poems and songs have been written over the years as people waited for there presents. We have never had some one not receive a present so if you do not intend on sending something don’t say you will play. You don’t want to go there.
There it is pretty simple I’m thinking that if enough want this year we can divide it up so you are in only turning, Nander, Norm or all but that is something that we will decide as a group after every one who wants to play let’s me know.

DEAD LINE FOR E_MAILING ME AT THIS ADDRESS ERNIEM@KSDOT.ORG IS 10/25/05 I will try and get you the name of the person whom you drew buy the fallowing Monday. Let the fun begin

This is a list of players so far if you have e-mailed me and don't see your name on the list please do so again as I have figured out the spamblocker problem.

Jack Guzman
Frank C. Joseph
Brian Dzukola
Tom Cooney
Raymond W. Carson, Jr.
Scott Greaves
Brad McDonald
Lester Gillett
Jorge Castaneda
Joanne Adler
Francois Desaulniers
David Propst
Molly Winton
Pam Niedermayer
Ernest Williams
Lee Schierer
Andy Lincoln
Pat Riley
David Sophusson
Steve kubien
Roger Myers
Tony Reynolds
Steve Knight
Shaver, Jim
Jay Kilpatrick

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