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Where to get bowl turning blanks?

Guy in Cuba
>Where can I get a box of small bowl blanks? I would need them mailed to me using the US Postal Service.

I am new to turning and just set up a lathe my father had left in the box for many years. I bought two spalted maple blanks off of eBay and liked the resulting bowls very much. Rather than order a blank here and there, I would like to find a source for a box of wood blanks that is reasonably priced and will mail to my location at the Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, via the US Postal Service and military Fleet Post Office. I am not particular as to the type of wood, prefering nice, but not expensive blanks. As I get started, I prefer a blank size that is 3" thick and about 5 to 6" in diameter.

Thank-you for any advice you can provide.
Guy Belleman
Teacher, W.T. Sampson Unit School
PSC 1005 Box 49
FPO AE 09593

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