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Tonight's topic update (shipping wood)

>I just spoke with James Johnson of the Georgia Forestry. Hopefully, we will have a specialist in treating wood for shipping join us tonight. In our conversation James told me the areas of greatest concern is Chicago, New York City area, and upper Michigan. These areas are under quarantine and hardwood shipped from these areas could net you a big cash deduction from your checkbook. These are the bugs of greatest concern:
Emerald Ash Borer.....Michigan and Canada Affects only ash trees
Asian Longhorned Beetle Chicago and NYC affects all hardwoods
Gypsy Moth....all of New England. primary concern is egg clusters.

another site to get info is: www.aphis.usda.cov

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Tonight's topic update (shipping wood)
Re: Tonight's topic update (shipping wood)
that's www.aphis.usda.gov, not ".cov" (corr.) *NM*
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