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More Accuracy Again... *LINK*

Brad Vietje
>Hi Folks,

A few days ago RJ posted a question about developing more accuracy in duplicating small finials for his clocks. I jumped in late, with a wordy suggestion of a no-caliper method that uses carefully drawn templates, so I'm re-starting the thread here with better info to pass on. This method was demonstrated to me by DJ DeLorie, of southern New Hampshire. DJ is a computer guy, so he draws out his templates using the computer, which does help him get two plots or printouts exactly the same.

I take no credit for this slick method, but I've tried it, and I've looked at a templete pair that DJ made up at a turning meeting, and I think it could be very helpful. See the link below...

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Thetford, VT

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More Accuracy Again... *LINK*
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