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Sandpaper *LINK*

Brian McKearney
>I recall seeing various posts over the past year or two regarding sandpaper purchases, and I think someone mentioned that they purchase sandpaper from Industrial Abrasives. Looking at their web site, you can purchase sheets (1 meter X 1 yard) of Rhynogrip Hook & Loop sandpaper for $15.75. At that price, it would appear that one could cut this into approximately 300+ 2" sanding discs (if my math and metric conversion is correct). As compared to some place like Packard (300 2" Hi-Per Gold discs for approximately $60+).

The latest issue of Woodturning magazine (September 2005 issue - from England) has a reader tip that describes making a punch from a 2" hole saw (grind off the teeth and then sharpen the edge).

Does anyone else purchase sanding discs this way, or do you purchase pre-cut discs someplace? Is the sandpaper at Industrial Abrasives any good? If you do purchase your sandpaper in sheets, do you use a punch to cut round discs, or do you just cut it into 2" squares and use it that way?


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