Turning Archive 2005

I have a poltergeist in my shop.

Carole in VA
>I swear I do! He just keeps playing with my head. Things keep disappearing and they always turn up immediately upon entering the shop door the next day, always in plain view! Used to be just tape measures, wrenches, and screwdrivers. Now he's getting serious. Las week it was my Starrett Square. His lastest prank was my 1" tool rest post. Last night I spent about an hour looking for the thing. I finally dragged a big magnet through the huge pile of shavings. Nope, not there. I had torn the shop apart...it had to be there because I had just taken the straight rest off, walked over to the bench to get the curved rest and then came back to the lathe. No post. I looked everywhere! This morning as I walk into the shop, there it is, right on the lathe bed. He is going to make me nuts! I need an exorcist!

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