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Which Woodmizer?

JKJ in East TN
>I've read some comments on WC from people using bandsaw mills. I'm in the market for a small sawmill for farm and personal use (no lumber production!) I was about to buy a portable Ripsaw but am leaning towards a less portable saw, primarily because of the log capacity. I have a tractor with a loader and I think I can get the logs to and on the saw OK. I do not have the budget or need for a full-featured mill with hydraulics. I will probably set it up in a permanent location behind the barn.

The Ripsaw claims just a 14"x9" throat with a 20" diameter log capacity. This doesn't seem big enough since the trees I want to harvest will generally be larger than 20".

The WoodMizer LT10 claims a 24" diameter log capacity with cuts on cants up to 19.5" wide, manual push, 7.8 hp engine. About $4000.

The WoodMizer LT15 is more expensive, but indicates a 28" diameter log capacity with cuts on cants up to 23" wide, hand crank. 13 or 15 hp engine. About $6000.

Does anyone have experience with either of these? Is the 7.8 hp a serious limitation? Should I look at a brand other than WoodMizer? All advice and experience very much appreciated.


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