Turning Archive 2005

Turning Topic for this week....

>After a recent trip to Gatlinburg, TN where I saw thousands of beautiful hemlocks dying, leaving complete mountainsides bare, I can be quiet no longer. We turners are probably the worst people in the country for shipping infected wood to uninfected areas of the country. We have talked about this before but this time let's put some energy behind it. Most of us are members of the AAW. I suggest that all clubs insist that AAW take a leadership role in finding safe ways to ship infected wood or telling us where we should not ship wood to or from. If we all have to kick in two bucks each to pay for the research so be it but let's get this done. We have seen the demise of the American Chestnut tree, we are seeing the spread of Dutch Elm Disease, sudden oak death, etc, etc. Join us Wednesday night at 9:30pm eastern with your comments and suggestions.

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