Turning Archive 2005

burl deskset *PIC*

Sparky Paessler
>These are pictures of a deskset and pens that I made for a client that my wife is working with redoing a study for her husband. I had made her a pen earlier out of maple burl and when he saw it he wanted some just like it. The pens are a rollerball and a fountain pen made from CSA's Statesman kit which is probably the nicest pen kit that I have seen. I also turned the pen holders and then drilled them at an angle for the pens. The pens were finished by soaking the unturned blanks in ployurathane and pulling a vacuum on the jar they were in. This pulled all the air out of the wood and when the vacuum was released ploy saturated the wood. I then turned them, sanded them to 1500, and buffed them out with buffing wheels. The base has about 10 hand rubbed coats of ploy on it and then it was buffed out also. The inkwell is from Ebay. I think it is WW1 vintage. The husband of the cilent is into shooting and his wife thought that he would like the rifles and target on the top.

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