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criticing bowl shapes *PIC*

John Lucas
>I thought this might be useful to some. I'm going to discuss the shapes of the bottom of some of my latest bowls. I took away the color and tried to make it so you could see the outside shape.

The first is an Ogee shape. I think this is fairly good. I find that if you do this shape the bottom part of the ogee needs to be 90 degrees to the table. If it's not it doesn't look right. The curves need to be smooth with no straight areas. I like the size of the foot. A smaller foot would make it look tippy.

The next bowl is a continuous curve that continues through the foot. I think this is the way a bowl should meet the foot unless you do something like an ogee. This shape is just part of a circle with no flat areas. I like the size and height of the foot.

The third bowl has a problem of the curve not being continuous down to the foot. It starts down with a gentle curve but then changes fairly abrubtly about an inch from the foot. If your going to do this I think it should be a more gradual curve at that point. This is a totally different shape than a circle. I think the foot is about right although the bowl would have more lift with a slightly longer foot.

The 4th bowl is harder to see but has the same problem as the one above. The curve goes from the foot out and then changes too sharply as it heads toward the lip. It's not a bad bowl. In fact it's already sold. I have to ship it as soon as i get the finish job done. I would prefer the foot to be a bit smaller from an appearance point of view but the customer is going to use this as a soap dish so it needs to be stable.

Bowl #5 is a catalpa bowl. I like this curve a lot. It flows from the lip all the way through the bottom and back up.If I did it again I would shorten the foot a little. I think it's just a hair to tall. T

Bowl #6 has the same problem as bowl #4. The curve changes too abrubtly about 1" from the foot. I think the foot is too wide. If I shrank the foot and made the curve smoother I would really like this one.

Hope this opens up some conversation. This is just my point of view and is definitely not the only way to do it.

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