Turning Archive 2005

Poplar bowl *PIC*

John Lucas
>This is a good save. This bowl started out as a thick bowl. I wire brushed the lip dyed it a red/burgundy then carved some little oval details that looked like eyes. I didn't sand it very well and there were sand marks that showed up after I applied the first coat of finish. I should have thrown it out instead I put it back on the lathe. I turned the bottom to match the shape of the top. Recut the foot to take my chuck and then reversed it and turned away the wire brush marks. Cleaned up the inside and then textured the outside rim with a 3 point tool. Then I carved some details in the lip to look like some sort of lanquage. This time I payed closer attention to the sanding. Finished with 3 coats of lacquer. I didn't want it plastic looking so after fine sanding with 400 grit I steel wooled it and then buffed with the beal. It's nice shine without looking too thick.

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