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Wood burner preferences?

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Now I can almost see some of your replies already. I ask for your favorite woodburner and your going to tell me:

  1. Your stove

  2. Sandpaper held against the wood too long

  3. or something to that effect...


LOML has asked me what I want for my birthday (I'll be 42 on 10/10/05). I've been thinking about how much I would like a wood burning tool. Something better than the glorified soldering iron I bought when I first started turning. Primarily, I want something that will allow me to sign my name with more control, and I also want something expandable so that I can experiment with embelishing my work with some pyrography.

In the Lee Valley catalog (BTW, way to go on the catalog Rob! It looks better than last year. And I thought last year's was awesome!), I see the Razortip model #SK that retails for $119. This needs a handpiece with runs an additional $20.50. Total cost (without shipping) is about $141

In the Woodcarver's Supply Inc catalog, I see the Burnmaster Hawk Wood burner that sells for $89.95. A handpiece for this costs $22.95. Total cost (without shipping) is about $113

That's only (2) that I have mentioned here. I know there are other makes and models out there. I'd like to hear from those of you that know about these things. I'm prettty much a neophyte when it come to them. I do know one thing, making one from an old computer power supply is not for me! I stay FAR away from making my own electrical appliances!

Thanks in advance.

See ya around,


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