Turning Archive 2005

Electrical Question...

Peter Teubel
>I have been bringing my Oneway 1224 to various venues for demonstrations and run into a few problems. It seems that it doesn't like GFI circuits. I have used it at one venue where the GFI outlet was at the end of the cord and it worked fine. Others, the GFI was at the outlet and the lathe at the end of a regular extension cord (50' 10ga) and didn't work. Oneway confirms that variable speed AC controllers leak current thereby trip GFI circuits.

So, I was thinking of getting an isolation transformer (or variac) with sufficient amperage rating to support the 1hp motor. Would this work? My thoughts are that any current leakage will occur on the secondary winding, but won't be picked up by the primary winding, therefore negating the GFI entirely.

Yea, yea...I know the GFI is there for a reason, but that's not the point here. The object is to use the lathe with a GFI circuit without having to hardwire a pigtail into the panel (like a venue did for me once).

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