Turning Archive 2005

cabinet scrapers

John Lucas
>I was working on a bowl that had the pith of a limb in it. It set out in the wind all day while I was turning other bowls and it cracked. I filled the cracks with black ruberized epoxy. This can be a problem because CA glue is much harder than the wood and if you try to sand it smooth you will end up with a nasty lump.

The easiest way to remove this that I've found is to use a cabinet scraper. I hae a curve one for the inside of bowl and a straight one for the outside. These also work well whn you need to remove some torn grain. You can easily remove the torn grain and then feather out this area to blend it in with the curve of the bowl.

On green wood you can use a cabinet scraper to gt rid of tool marks. I use it while the wood is spinning but slow the lathe down to keep from heating up cabinet scraper.

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