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ancient vase *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>Done from an old piece of oak firewood, about 7" tall, it has some softer sapwood still on one side, had a check or two in it as well. A small catch broke off a piece, so once again I decided to do some texturing on it, this time with my dremel engraver, as well as an attempt with the Sorby texturing tool, still need a lot of practice with that one. Colored with a few washes of black oil paint followed by a few washes of alizarin crimson. Working towards the appearance of an ancient relic, maybe dug up from somewhere. I am still considering dry brushing some gold paint on the surface here and there, but I am going to let this sit for a while before I decide. I like the form, and I also like the subtle colorings to this one, there is more crimson than is shown in the photo, but overall this is a dark piece.

I'd like some critiques on this one, thanks

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ancient vase *PIC*
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