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long hole boring supplies

mike recchione
>I'm usually (when I'm anywhere) over on hand-tools or woodcarving, but I've come around here with questions a couple of times, and was very grateful for the help I received. Here's another, which I may have asked in a different form a number of months ago:

I've started making woodwind instruments (mostly pennywhistles, but some flutes, etc.) from various materials and want to try my hand at turning some from wood. Axminster in the UK has long hole boring kits that include a number of options including your choice of one of two types of auger, one of two types of hollow center, and a counterbore drive that has a prong that goes into the hole that was bored so that the stock stays centered on the hole while you're truing it up.

I haven't found a supplier that carries all this stuff in the USA. (CS and WC carry the lamp augers and hollow centers, but not the other stuff). My questions are: Do I need the other stuff? Do you know of a supplier in the US or Canada? How painful is it to order direct from Axminster? (shipping, customs, exchange rate, etc.)

Thanks in advance,


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