Turning Archive 2005

Chainsaw 101

>Hello all;

Well, got me a chainsaw. Ive used them before, but never for making a finished product.

First problem I notice is I need a way to hold the logs so I can slice them longwise to make pieces small enough to cut up with my bandsaw.

I finally managed to do this by simply cutting log in the dirt. I let the chainsaw blade dig into the ground and slice it.

Dont seem like the right and proper way to do things. So I thought I would ask you guys how you might do the same.

I was thinking maybe I could dig hole in ground and place logs up right position. That way I could cut sections at the top, flip the log over and cut the rest.

Just wondering if you guys have better method for log splitting. I doubt I would like to use an ax to do this. Because I may even like to split into 3 pieces. So I need more control.

Thanks again!

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