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biological clock *PIC*

John Lucas
>I needed a digital image of this piece so I had it scanned today and thought you might enjoy seeing it. This is about 6 years old. The only turnings were the spalted dogwood ring that is part of the biological symbol, the baby pacifier and the baby rattle. The legs were carved using every tool I had from a jewelers saw for the toes to pocket knife, dremel and files.

A funny story about this is that I had never tried to carve anything like baby's legs before. As a phys. Ed major I was very familiar with muscle but didn't know how to make the baby fat. I went to walmart and proceded to look at all the dolls, lifting thier skirts to look at their legs. I finally found one I liked and bought it. I'm sure I'm on some walmart video on how to watch for a pervert.

This was my first award winning piece. I entered the competion as an amatuer because I had never done any carving before. One artist protested because I was a professional photograper. They overruled him saying just because I was a professional photographer didn't mean I was a professional carver.

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biological clock *PIC*
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