Turning Archive 2005

A suggestion for Carole and other DVR owners.

Barry Irby
>Carole, How is the new DVR treating you? I have a suggestion.

The indexing pin is handy as a spindle lock. Don't get too heavy handed on it because you can bend the pin or worse, but I have been using mine as a lock for several years and have not damaged it. I did unscrew it and it fell down inside the head stock. Here is the tip.

Set the knob in the "shaft locked" position. File a notch in the knob that you can feel. Make the notch toward the outboard shaft or hand wheel. I know many of you are probably horrified at the idea of taking a file to your nice new or not so new lathe, but take my word for it, you will like it. I find myself feeling for the notch rather than looking at the knob and there is nothing to see anyway. Before I made the notch, I turned the nob round and round trying to find the spindle lock position. That's how I unscrewed it.

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