Turning Archive 2005

Knothole bowl *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>I was roughing this piece of cherry when I found this big knothole in it. As I turned a little more, I found out that it was rotted out into a big loose chunk. well I didn't want to throw out this blank or turn it down into a tiny bowl so I just continued with it as a learning piece. I didn't even bother thinking about roughing it out, just turned wet in one session knowing it would warp.The remains of the knothole cracked a bit as well as it dried, which I am fine with. Initially I was just texturing the rim, but has a few "happy accidents" so I ended up texturing the whole outside. Since this is a 10" bowl, that turned into about a 9 hour adventure over 2 days. Oof, definietly not fun. Stained with red mahagony stain, it really did some nice things with the harder parts of the grain, you can see this on the front. Finished with Liberon Oil, about 2 coats outside and 10 inside which built up a nice shine. I like the contrast between the inside and outside in both texture and sheen. And I think the warp adds more of an organic sense to this bowl, it really reminds me of a nut or piece of fruit that has been opened.

I'd like to hear some critiques/suggestions.

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