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Dust collection Grizzly vs. Jet

>In my continuing search for a dust collector, I've reduced my choices to a cannister filter variety, and found two that I "like" (If I had room and $, I would get a cyclone, but I don't think my wife wants me putting the motor through the floor of the family room).

Anybody own a Grizzly G0548 or a Jet DC-1100CK (aka 708626ck) and care to comment on them? Grizzly vs. Jet comments in general? Recommendations for a Separator to use in front of the collector?

I would greatly appreciate your comments. I have leanings toward one of the collectors, but will reserve comment so as to not taint the jury.

Thank you!!!!

Opening night in the NHL! won't be on the lathe tonight!!!!

David B.

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Dust collection Grizzly vs. Jet
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