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Brian McInturff
>So how and where do we spot these creatures. And are all burls good burls. I work in an area where there is a lot of land development and have seen way too many trees go. At the time I wasn't into turning and have only now started to begin with bowls. Have done some spindle turning though. If you cut a burl out how do you preserve it. I've got a couple of large Spruce burls that came out of Alaska 20 years ago but unfortunately they have splits in them since the guy kept them in his attic. He also gave me some Diamond Willow(is it any good)? Back to Burls: I'd like to start taking advantage of the resources I see beingg pushed over by dozers and then ran through a larger grinder/chipper to make mulch. Any quick tutorial so I can go out and save some of the burls and or crotches? Thanks, Brian

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Some quick ideas that will help
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