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Keith Tompkins
>I'm attempting to think of a project to make for next year's AAW symposium...the theme is "Step up the the Plate".

Here's my problem: 1. Like last year, no real interest in the theme. 2. While the title suggests makers of plates and platters will have a field day, turning platters really isn't my cup of tea.
3. Many of the pieces displayed in past exhibits have nothing to do with the theme, or at best are a real stretch of the imagination.4.I suspect many turners feel the same way I do, and don't submit pieces to be juried.

Here's my solution: Do away with the "Theme" exhibits, and choose from the instant gallery the "Best of the AAW" each year. Those pieces selected will be displayed at the AAW gallery (among others),and receive recognition in the American Woodturner Mag.

That way, everyone is free to do their best "signature" work with no strings attached...and receive recognition for it. What do you think?

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