Turning Archive 2005

Clueless in VA

Carole in VA
>OK, so now that I have my new lathe, I have decided I want to try a platter. Have never done one before. The maple blank is about 14" and about 1 1/2" thick. Right now I have it mounted on a faceplate (to what will be the inside of the platter) and am pondering which method to use to chuck it to turn the inside...tenon or recess? Does one hold better than the other? I know that in his video, Bill G says when turning bowls, it is much easier to crack the wood when using a chuck in expansion mode. Does the same hold true when doing something like a platter? I haven't turned a recess before and the chance of me getting the dovetail for a recess just right is probably not likely since I don't have a dovetail scraper. How important is it for the dovetail to be exactly right? On the other hand, would a 2 1/2"x 1/4" tenon be enough to hold this blank? Don't relish the idea of a frisbee chasing me around the shop! I'm starting a whole new learning curve here with larger pieces.

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