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Maple Vessel (pics)

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings everyone

It has been a while since I posted any pictures of anything I have turned, mainly because it has been a while since I turned anything that was not a) student related or b) production related. ButI am finally getting some creative time on the lathe. Below is a piece of maple that Dominic of all people should recognize, since he has been working on a chunk of it himself.

This is a chunk of red maple burl from a tree I harvested a year ago. I got three truckloads of this stuff, and my truck, with its 1900 lb payload, was down on the axles almost each time. Now that I am looking closer at the picture, I think I am going to have to retake it since the depth of field seems to be a bit shallow. But anyway...

Here is a shot of it from the other "side". This piece of wood has just about everything maple can have - burl, curl, bug holes and streaks, and just a little bit of spalting. It is approximately 8" in diameter and 5 3/4" high, and hollowed out to a thickness of about 3/16". I thought about doing a Wally wall of 1/8", but those inclusions were starting to make me nervous. I hollowed it with my blasphemous torque arrested laser guided hollowing rig that Randy Privett made for me. You can see pics of it on his site, www.monster-wood-tool.com.

Here's the bottom. I like them rounded (no cracks now!), which I understand is authentic to southwestern shapes. I had to get my big fat hand in the picture to keep it from rolling off the table. It rocks back and forth for a long time when given a shove.

If you are going to Totally Turning, and all goes well, you will be able to see it in person at the instant gallery. Thanks for taking a look.


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