Turning Archive 2005

Couple of newbie questions.

>Hello all;

Well, I'm gettin the hang of turning on small objects. Have been practicing on pressed wood which chips easy cause it's soft.

Making small clock finials for my clocks.

Found location to buy cherry wood which I will do soon. But a question has come to me.

I am wondering now if I can take plywood thick sized sheets of cherry wood and glue them together for small stock turning material.

Like maybe 1/2" x 4" x 12" strips and glue them together.

Originally I wanted sizes like 3" x 3" x 7" or so size stock, which would probably produce at least 2 1/2" width or less. I probably only need 2 1/2" width max.

I dont know the ratio of amount that gets taken down when corners are completely off and stock is round. Any clues on how to figure out that would be apreciated.

And I believe that 3" x 3" might not be a normal trade size. So, I think maybe I will glue some trade sizes together like maybe plywood size (thickness) together to make roughly 3" x 3" strips.

Is there any inheret problem with glueing like this? How long is glue drying time to get ok results for turning? I am guessing yes.
Glue not being dry would definitley be one, any other snags here?

What kind of glue is best? Also I want cheap. Running out of money, Is elmers carpentry glue ok?

How long to let dry? Anything speed up the process?

Thanks in advance.

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