Turning Archive 2005

Cutting Timbers Question

George Van in WI
>I am going to cut some platter and bowl timbers to dry for later use from spalted logs (maple, yellow & white birch). If I do not do this they will rot. I will use my Woodmiser to cut these and plan to sticker them outside for a year before moving to the pole building, top of pile covered, to dry. I will end coat with Anchorseal but I am not planning to coat the top and bottom unless recommended. They will start their drying cycle in the slow drying months which if they act as lumber should minimize defects? Pith areas will go to the woodpile for next years heat.

Questions I have are recommended thickness for platters? Will bowl and hollow form blanks be too thick for this method and have to be further reduced and sealed all around to reduce checking? I am sure I am not the first to try this and I hope to benefit from the experience of others.

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