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"Must have" accessories for the lathe.

Bob Dodge
>I'm becoming interested in turning lately, and was wondering what one needs in the way of "must-have accessories", to be well equiped as a "complete" turner(spindles/bowls/hollow-vessels, etc.)

I have virtually no experience with a lathe, but over the years, I've slowly been accumulating chisels(Sorby), a decent chuck(Strong-Hold), and finally a good lathe (2hp General 26020VFD).

I immediately bought the outboard turning bracket for the General, which allows for 24" swing over the bracket. Now I'm looking at a live-center, and was thinking of going with the One-Way. Would that be an improvement over the General's stock center?

For sharpening, I've just bought the Wolverine jig and Vari-Grind attachment, plus the diamond wheel-dresser for my 8" grinder(3450 rpm). I have several grits of white wheels(60/150), as well as various other aluminum-oxide wheels for the grinder. I also have a Tormek.

I'm interested in "steadies" at the moment, and the One-Ways look great. Perhaps a set of Jumbo-Jaws for the chuck. I have various jaw sizes for the Strong-Hold, and the "Wood-Worm". Would a "screw-chuck" be a worthwhile addition? Perhaps a drill-chuck? If so, what size?

I have yet to look at sanding options.

I'd also appreciate any comments regarding the One-Way MasterCut chisels, and the handles for those (17 1/2", or 12"), perhaps a "Martel Hook" too.

Face-plates are another consideration. I have at present, the two face-plates that came with the lathe(4" and 6"??) and several Delta face-plates (6"?). I'd like to make a large sanding disk for the lathe (18"-20") I have no room in the shop for a dedicated disk-sander. I can easily make an accessory sanding-table for mounting to the lathe bed. The sanding disk would probably be several layers of thick MDF with a laminate face, permanently mounted to it's own face-plate. Hopefully, that'll eliminate having to "true-up" the disk each time I re-mount it. The electronic variable speed will be very nice there. Is a 6" face-plate large enough?

I'll definitely be taking a course before tackling the lathe. I have some great books (Raffan/Conover/Darlow, etc) but I find those limited where "tool presentation" is concerned.(two dimensional view)

I realize my post is very "open" and vague, I'm looking for general guidance at this stage, but I would appreciate any words of wisdom you may have, especially where you have found that "perfect" accessory for whatever it is that "YOU" do. Maybe a good 24" tool-rest for turning spindles, or a particular brand or model of hollowing chisel, etc. Something you're "glad" you bought or made.

Thanks, Bob

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