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RE: New American Tool Company?!

Chris Wright
>Hey Gang,

Based on the responses I received on WC and on Woodturners Resource I made some calls and sent some emails and here is what I found.

CET, a company based right here in the US has purchased Glaser tools and will continue to produce and enhance the line with the same high standards that Jerry has used all these years. That's right, we'll still have an American tool company! Here is the kicker...According to Paulo Marin, CEO of CET, the company is not only going to continue where Jerry left off, but they have brought Stuart Batty onboard to design a new line of tools. It seems that they took it to the next level, by adding new metals, new handle designs and are expanding into areas of woodturning that Jerry hadn't previously explored. All I could get from him about this new line is that it will be called CRYOSTEEL.

I'm pretty excited about this. We have all heard of Stuart's capabilities and experience. Paulo Marin, has told me that Stuart has finalized the design and prototypes of this new line of tools and he was given the “go ahead” to create it from scratch to his specs and vision with no barriers.

Think about it, combine Stuart's 30+ years of turning and tool knowledge with the superior metals and technology Glaser has always used and then ADVANCE it...I already can see I'm going to have to make more room on my tool wall...

I'll pass more info on as I get it. This is going to be HUGE!

keep the bevel rubbing,

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