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Tool Choice Spigot vs. Collet Chuck

TomW in SouthJersey
>I am looking to purchase a chuck that will easily hold small pieces for making wine bottle coasters. It looks like a small MT2 collet chuck will do the job. However, I have a Oneway Stronghold chuck and it looks to me as though the spigot jaws would do about the same thing for what I'm looking for. Can the spigot jaws hold if only drilling a recess in 3/8 inch or so?

I haven't used either of these and would like to make the best choice. Any opinions from those with experience with either or both would be appreciated. (also I noticed every online and catalog source for the small MT-2 collet chucks is at about $40 the same as the spigot jaws. All except Lee Valley which shows one for about $18 for the collet chuck. Am I reading something wrong?)

Tom Wright

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