Turning Archive 2005

wine stoppers *PIC*

John Lucas
>Boy what a day. I turned these wine stoppers this morning. I used Ruth's new Stainless Steel stoppers. I like them. I did have trouble inserting them using CA glue. The fit was so perfect that they wanted to stick before I got them all the way in. I switched to 5 minute epoxy and didn't have any trouble after that. These are indian Rosewood that I got from Howard Elrod at the Southern States Symposium.

After that I had to photograph a new music room dedication and reception. Then a football game. Then I came home and returned a bowl that I screwed up last week. I hope to have some photos of it in the next day or so after I carve on it a little and put some finish on.

Then I moved my new to me Hide a bed couch in by myself. Man those things are heavy. Now I think I'll sit down and draw a design on my latest mirror. Then it will be time for bed. Oh forgot to say that I've been doing laundry when ever I have time to change things from washer to dryer.

Hope I can get this much done tomorrow. I only have to photograph one big group tomorrow afternoon so I should all morning to play in the shop.

Well the blue grass breakdown hour is on. I'm going to roll out the new hide a bed and try it out for a while.

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