Turning Archive 2005

Walnut in the fireplace?

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Who burns black walnut in the fireplace? I haven't, but I don't really know why. Sometimes working with the dry dust gives me a stuffy nose, but so does maple occasionally, and I burn that with no hesitation.

From hauling around probably a ton of walnut yesterday, cutting it up, loading it in the truck, then off, dragging it in the basement, bandsawing it to shape, then dragging the offcuts back up and outside, I AM WORN OUT and it's only Saturday morning. Was too sore this morning to go out on my bicycle as normal. (I AM SO SORE!) I don't feel like much of an Ironman today.

But, back to the question, worth keeping all of this offcut or just throw it in the woods to rot? Not really any easier either choice. There's probably 4 or 5 good Sunday afternoon football game watching fires in that pile of waste.

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