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live center stuck in extender

GaryG in MD
>OK, how do I get out of this one?

I use a Jet 1236. The worthless banjo extender broke in half, and at "your" recommendations, I have not replaced it. I bought a MT extender to use in the tailstock to make more room to maneuver the banjo between the workpiece and the tailstock. It works great, and I'm very happy with it. Except for one little problem. My MT live center is now permanently stuck in the extender. Normally, to remove it from the tailstock, all I would do would be to back up the tailstock and it would pop out. Now I can't do that (it just pops the extender out). The extender is hollow and has oval holes on either side, but not longitudinally, so there's no obvious way to poke out the center from the rear. Is it in there for good, or is there a trick? I wouldn't mind leaving it in there permanently, but sometimes I like to take the center point out, and now I can't do that either. Ideas? TIA, Gary

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