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Need help with Sorby Hollomaster *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>I've had this tool for a while, even done a few projects with it, but as time goes by, I seem to be getting WORSE with it. And I have no clue why. I seem to be following the instructions, having the tip at center height, and I discovered I have less twisting going on when I place the straight part of the tool on the rest rather that the curved part. Their instructions for sharpening, putting the topside of the cutter flat on a stone, sure did not seem to make any difference. I did however touch up the bevel on the grinder which made some difference in its ability to cut.

One of the main problems is that I am getting a good deal of bouncing going on with the tool, particularly towards the bottom of the vessel in through a little farther up the cut as it begins to slope upwards. When I have reached say the halfway up point of the vessel to the top it isn't nearly as bad. I even tilt the tool slightly downwards like a real scraper which helps a little. I am trying to be as gentle with this as possible, so it is not a question of me trying to take too big of a cut at once, at least I hope not. I have tried switching the position of the cutter, placed it in the holder both with the cutter on the inside edge of the curve, and also with it on the outside of the curve. Not much difference.

I've tried varying the angle of the cutter in the holder as well, can't really figure out where I should be placing it. Here is where it is at right now, so any suggestions from those who have used this tool successfully would be appreciated.

I am starting to think that paybe having this option of changing the angle of the cutter might not be as good as a hollowing tool that has it in a fixed position, like most of the tools I see out there.

I'm open to any suggestions that will keep me from saying more bad words tonight. Thanks

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