Turning Archive 2005

New bowl finish discovery (for me, at least)

Pete in Holland, MI
>Have been training myself in the art of bowl manufacture and have been experimenting with finishes. No funds to work towards the Beal system yet). Had gotten so that I liked the 4-5 coat MinWax wipe-on finish, but still having problems with occasional particles in the finish. Last week, purchased an aersol SPRAY can of MinWax gloss polyurethane and gave the final coat (after 4 wiped on MinWax wipe-on poly) to a couple bowls. Gloss was much higher than with the wipe on finish and near glassy in appearance. Almost looks wet. Solved the particle problem too.

Word of caution though: This spray material is a very slow dry stuff (2-4 hours to tack over, overnight to handle). Thus apply a minimal coat and don't attempt any amount of heavy build up, else runs will occur & puddle up in the bottom of the basin. It does not work like Krylon and similar paint.

Nice results though.


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