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My tribute to Keith Rowley

Peter Charles Fagg (UK)
>I tried searching this site but was unable to find any mention.

In the September issue of the UK "Woodturning" magazine I learnt that Keith Rowley had died.

If it had not been for his writing of the book "Woodturning a Foundation Course" I would have given up 15 years ago ever considering woodturning as a hobby or as a business. All those years ago I propped his book against the wall behind my then, very basic and cheap lathe, and followed almost word for word his descriptions for turning bowls. To say I am indebted to his expertise could never suffice in satisfying the gratitude I feel for his most excellent tutoring.

With sales of the book quoted in the magazine as being one of the "best-selling of all time" and the thousands of turners around the world who must have seen if not used it in their formative period his loss will be great.

I never met him and now it is too late but I would have liked to say thankyou to someone who made an enormous impression on my life.

Regards Peter Fagg

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