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WC Has The Nicest People, pic

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

Sometimes you just have to feel blessed to be a woodworker. I meet the nicest people through my wood working and two of them just this week! Well, I didn’t actually meet them in person but I did meet them in another way.

A few weeks ago I posted an update to the Pens For Canadian Peacekeepers project. Two people came forward and sent me some incredible pens along with letters to go over seas. Bruce Wiseman and Ed Kelle, Thank You so very much for these great pens and letters.

Ed actually then added to his box a small miniature turning he made, I am very humbled at the gift Ed.

It’s a small acorn, a walnut top and cherry bottom, (am I close?). It’s really small but the lid is textured and looks really great. The dime is for scale.

Not only does it look nice but the top fits the bottom perfectly, what a very kind and thoughtful gift!

It looks right at home in this little maple burl I turned a bout a month ago….Dana say’s it Really Cute!!

Again, Bruce and Ed, Thank You Both!

Thanks for viewing,

Take care,

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WC Has The Nicest People, pic
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