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Reverse Chucking-for Derek

>Derek posted a question about reverse chucking a bowl the other day and I searched the archives for a thread that was sometime in the past but couldn't find it. Someone posted that he used PVC pipe fittings to create a reverse chuck and I thought it was a fantastic idea and tried it myself and rarely use any other method now. The advantage of the PVC fittings are that they come in various sizes, it is quick and easy and allows the bowl to stand out beyond the headstock which comes in handy for reversing natural edge bowls. One thing I am very careful of is not to over do it when expanding the jaws inside the fitting. I'm sure if you cranked hard enough it could possibly fracture and cause a not so pleasant experience. Prior to using the fittings I round over the edges and remove anything on the pipe that might interfere with the adhesion of the anti slip material. I use a rubber, adhesive backed product to keep from marring the surface of the bowl and to alleviate any slippage. I'm sure you could find any number of materials from mousepads to FunFoam in the craft section of any hoby store. Also the antislip stuff for shelving in the kitchen isle is a good one. I pull the tailstock up and all it takes is a slight bit of pressure to keep the bowl in place. I don't use the point in my live center so I won't have a divot to carve away later. Especially if I'm not removing a lot of thickness off the foot. I'll only have a tiny nib to remove.

I have made two of the donut things for different sized bowls and for me it was a complete pain. Very cumbersome and aggravating. I can't get the feel for how the form is flowing into the foot with the donut. Some would argue that a vacuum chuck is the way to go for reversing and I agree I would love to have one but have just never gotten around to putting one together. With this PVC method I do have to remove a small nib when I'm done with the foot, but in all honestly, taking the bowl over to my bench and sitting there with it and carving off the nub with a Flexcut fishtail chisel is part of the process that I really enjoy. It's here when I put the last few cuts into a bowl and then sand the bottom to it's final finish and then sign my name. I really do love that part of it.

Anyway....just my way, and thoughts on reversing a bowl for finishing the foot.


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